Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

The sun shines — the waves rock. The wind wanders through portholes to announce the coming of a new day. We had a brisk morning of oatmeal and quick maneuvers as we nestled into Brewer’s Bay for the day. The Dolphins, ever adventuresome, embarked on a naturalist dive at the fabled “Shark Point.” The Rescues, naturally, started and completed their rescue four dive cycle. Lunch was a zesty chicken salad buffet in the rain. The Dolphins and willing Rescues returned to the water for fun dives and research dives. Lionfish and spotted Morey eels infested the dive, and it was good. After the dives, we made a quick run to the wonderful paradise of Cane Garden Bay of “cheeseburger in paradise” fame. With our water tanks topped off, we had an awesome Thai peanut chicken dinner. The night ended on a somber note as the Dolphins watched the documentary, “The Cove.” If you are not familiar with this piece, I highly recommend researching it.