Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

What a day! After waking up to “A Pirate’s Life for Me,” our boat eagerly waited at the table for scrumptious pancakes. No sooner were the pancakes off the pan than they were halfway to our stomachs. Leaving nothing left for the seagulls, we packed our dive gear into the dinghy and motored to Blue Venture for our research dive. Once there we were quickly briefed and given slates for our benthic cover analysis. Our goal was to descend to a specific location where quadrants were laid on sections on the reef in 5m increments up to the reef incline. We then proceeded to measure the percentage of space that different types of corals, sponges, algae, and rocks covered in the quadrant. Finishing this dive, our group returned to Boss Lady for an eventful lunch of grilled cheese. Returning to Blue Venture, we commenced our second research dive of the day. This time our goal was to create and execute a method of surveying the populations of 12 different species of fish and their sizes. The dive was successful, and we combined our data and made graphs to represent our findings. On the dinghy ride back to our ship, we all heard Sam screaming “stufffffing!” Back on deck, preparation for our Summertime Thanksgiving began. Everybody chipped in and had fun making our delicious meal. Everybody dove in and ate almost all the food. To wrap up this exciting day, we once again headed to Blue Venture and had an interesting shark dissection. It turns out that the shark had five babies! Can’t wait to go to port tomorrow and find out what other fun awaits us.