Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started today later than usual with an 8 o’clock wake up and had breakfast by 8:30 with pancakes. Once finished with breakfast, we headed to morning’s base to fill with water since we had been bone dry. While waiting for the water to fill we just hung out for about an hour. Now with our tanks filled to the brim along with all of the water bottles and jugs, we sailed back to Great Harbor Peter. When we arrived, we moored up on a dive site called the wall, where some of our open water divers had a fun dive. The Divemasters and Sydnei went on a dive called the coral maze, where we ran into the fearless, a wrecked tugboat, and another small unknown wreck. After our dives, we set up a boom swing which we tinkered with until perfect. We have finished cleanup and begun working on cards for one another for the rest of the night.