Location: On Passage

Today we woke up to the delicious smell of homemade pancakes, courtesy of Rocco and Shana. We all devoured the pan cakes; sadly today was also the last day of the program for Marley Rubin; we sadly wish her farewell to the tune of “ohhhhh you’ll never see your friends again.” Once Marley was off of Argo it was time to finish getting ready for passage. This consisted of putting the storm anchor back into forward bilge. A few tedious hours later and the task was completed; just in time for Lunch. For lunch we enjoyed sweet potato bowls with a side of quinoa. Once we finished the clean up for lunch it was time to pull up the anchor and bounce on out of here. Headed towards Cape May we turned into the Chesapeake where the rest of our day was spent underway on Passage. To make navigating the Chesapeake easier it was decided that we will stop and anchor for the night. So at at 22:00 we dropped anchor, and eagerly waited to continue the passage.