Location: On Passage

“Whoa! Did you SEE THAT?!” Watch team three had quite a start to the day; from 12 midnight to 4 AM, there was an incredible night sky filled with shooting stars, bright planets, and at least two UFOs. The highlight was a shooting star that appeared to be just miles off the starboard bow and had the brightest tail, and ended in a bright flash before disappearing. While the unobstructed, clear view of the milky way was the most awe-inspiring part of watch, Josh’s ability to recall every single, detail. of `Toy Story 4 and Madagascar was almost as unbelievable.

After several days of solid wind, it appears the Atlantic has settled down. This morning we were able to raise the flying jib and, after considerable effort, the fisherman. Argo was able to cruise comfortably in the glass calm waters at 8.5 knots with all six sails. This afternoon Smash continued to lead the chartwork lessons for everyone, practicing dead reckoning and three-point fixes.

As our watch team rotations continued, Katie and Jay did a masterful job in the galley. Lunch was a cool, greek inspired pasta salad that hit the spot, and dinner was chicken and vegetarian kebobs with a surprise dessert of Oreo cheesecake cookies. Everyone’s eyes get a little larger when Katie is in the galley because that usually means an excellent dessert will follow dinner.

Argo continues to make good time heading up to Annapolis, which conjures up some mixed emotions from the crew. As excited as everyone is to get to our next destination, we’ve also really settled into passage life, and most everyone enjoys the unique sights, sounds, and friendships that this new routine brings.