Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The day began like any other morning, except for the four “injured” divers we had to rescue in the middle of breakfast. After rescuing four of the Divemasters, Sam officially announced that we were certified, rescue divers. To celebrate, we had pancakes which we had abandoned for the scenario. We sailed then to Road Town, where we had lunch at the marina and explored the town, perusing the stores. After two hours on shore, we got our boat ship-shape and ready to race the other dive side boats. We all lined up the ships, main sails unfurled, when we released the jib and sped off into the waves. Love of my Life was neck in neck with Peeps Larou, fighting for first place. The race was very close. However, we came out on top, and it was well worth it. After throwing our skipper of the day into the water to celebrate our victory, we ate dinner and talked about what we want to take away from the trip. We spent the final few hours writing cards to each other that will be given to us as we leave. I believe that the emotions passing through us at this point made my day even more so than winning the race. It touched me deeply as we cried while writing each other’s cards. Today has been the perfect day.