Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Last night we went on a really amazing night dive. We saw huge tarpon, lobsters, squid, stingrays, and an octopus. After the night dive, we got back on Blue Tide and we all went to sleep. In the morning Gabi and Caleigh tried to make eggs. They were really amazing. After we ate we went on our deep dive. We went 70 feet deep! At around 60ft my ears hurt so I went up a little and continued to equalize. When we were at the bottom we cracked an egg, it’s so cool! The pressure keeps the yolk together. Scott tried to throw the yolk at me but he broke it instead. In the middle of the dive, Sergio had a cramp and he stopped to fix and he was right next to a huge lobster. It was so cool. After diving, we went over to Lascaris to Zest. Sacha and Sergio Zested the whole time and they are very good too. Quentin and Josh were also Zesting together and they didn’t capsize at all.

Gabi and I went on a Zest and we are a pretty good Zesting team. We never capsized. Dianna Zested on her own and she was ripping it! Then we came back to the boat and ate very good soup while it rained. Then we went to Wind Shadow to make Turk’s Head anklets and bracelets. Afterward, we went to Breeze to learn about the mechanics of the boat and to waterski. I wakeboarded for my first time ever! I was so happy that I got up on my first try. Now we are off to our second BBQ on the beach. Today was great, just like every other day of the trip.