Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up and had a breakfast of cereal. The morning was kinda sad because Alex left today. Once we finished eating and cleaning we got on our PFD’s and started motoring through the Drake Channel to get to the Rhone. Once we attached to the mooring ball and set up our gear we gathered at the bow in the water with our dive gear ready to descend. We went down to 70 ft and saw the bow of the Rhone. Right when we got to the bottom we did a 70 ft swim through of a section of the hull. When we got out there were a few fish swimming around and one of them was eating some coral. So we are all out of the wreck and I can’t find my buddy, Grey, so I look back and he’s petting the fish eating coral! The rest of the dive was pretty cool, we saw a spotted moray eel so now we are all out and ready to sail. Blair was telling us how she was so excited to sail back but we couldn’t because there was literally no wind. So we got back to GHP and had a lecture on dive tables, lead by Brooke. It was so hot! I couldn’t wait to get back into the water. After the lecture we got to snorkel the night dive site and I’m pretty excited. Later we just chilled on the bow before dinner before a dinner of chicken Ceaser salad. The squeeze question was if the person to the right of you was an animal what would they be. We got some very funny answers. Well, now I got to go on the night dive. I hope I see an octopus! Can’t wait to dive! Ps-Ben is the best instructor ever!