Location: Marina Cay

With less water and available heads, we started our day! We motored out to Dead Chest Island, a sharp ridge with spiky rocks that inspired the infamous pirate chant “15 men on the dead man’s chest”. Braving the rocky waves and urban legends, we dove to about 30 feet to find aquatic life, including fish and nurse sharks. We then embarked on a 3-hour voyage to Marina Cay. It was during our mid-voyage lunch of sandwiches that our glass jar of jelly fell onto the floor, shattering into countless pieces. It will be dearly missed. Despite this loss, we had a pretty relaxed cruise to Marina Cay. There, our water needs were alleviated with a refill of our water tanks. We then anchored in the bay and got on the dinghy for an action-packed and adrenaline pumping ride over to Trellis Bay. Reunited with our phones, we bought plenty of snacks and updated friends and family. Another hectic ride back to the boat and now we are prepping dinner (tortellini)). It’s been amazing watching us all grow comfortable and capable of living on a boat in the BVIs, and I’m sure we’ve all learned valuable lessons that we’ll use for the rest of our lives.