Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we all slept in a little, until about 7:30. We then had a breakfast of eggs and iced tea. After breakfast was over the Neptunes left and the Dolphins were joined by the rest of the Dolphins. We broke into groups and went to the beach and practiced navigating. Once we returned to the boat we went to the water to practice navigating while diving. Out of the 6 buddy pairs only 2 got lost on the first try of navigating. After everyone was on the boat again we had tuna salad sandwiches for lunch. Then, we left to the beach to go on a hike to the other side of island. The beach on the windward side was rockier and the waves were bigger. Once we returned to the boat and waited for the Neptunes to return from their dive we prepared dinner. And now we are cleaning up after eating.