Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning after breakfast the Dolphin and Neptune groups split up for different activities. The Dolphins went on a navigation dive and did a Fish ID quiz aboard The Entertainer, and in the afternoon, went on to shore to check out the beach in Savannah Bay. A hike the Dolphins used to go on was removed by the hurricane, so they cleaned a salt marsh, picking up aluminum cans, glass bottles, and plastic cups as well as very miscellaneous items, such as a CD and a rubber duck. The Neptunes rode over to Changes In Latitude for a knowledge review of navigation diving, then went to the beach to practice their compass skills. After returning to our boat, we had lunch while finishing up our night diving reading. We later returned to Latitude to go on our first navigation dive in pairs with our dive buddies. Our boat members finally met up again and enjoyed diving off the boat before eating dinner, showering, and finishing up the day. Everyone had a great day full of diving, learning, and exploring, and we look forward to an exciting trip to the Baths in the morning.