Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we had an early wake up at Mt. Point, then shortly after we left to dive at the chimneys at the dog islands. After our arrival, we had breakfast and prepared our gear for our first dive. On our first dive the dolphins we’re instructed to identify five vertebrae’s, four invertebrates, and two plants, completing our first underwater naturalist dive. The Neptunes did their first boat diver dive, demonstrating a safe entry and exit from the water and the ability to safely navigate back to the boat at the end of the dive. Both groups went through a swim through cave during the dive. For the second dive dolphins did their second underwater naturalist dive and Neptunes did their first. After completing both dives, we motored back to Mt. Point and the dolphins went to a talk about our research project. After returning, we took our saltwater showers, had dinner, and listened to our first lifeworks talk of the trip. Overall it was a very fun, yet exhausting day and we are all looking forward to sleep.