Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

On the morning of Saturday 19th, the crew of Alexis, Dylan, Julia, and Ryan were abruptly woken up by the loud claps of Matt telling us to grab our PFD’s so that we could begin our very LONG motor over to Road Town. After having a wonderful hot breakfast of eggs made by chef Dylan, everyone had some time to relax while Cara and Cat filled up the tanks for our dive later in the evening. After the clean-up from breakfast, everyone began to take our first official freshwater shower! Once the entire boat was nice and clean, we were finally pulling into port while everyone was rushing to get all the towels and suits off the line. While in port, we refilled the water and had some bonding time on the hardtop; unfortunately, we were not able to go on land due to some changes in the plan. After we set off to sail to mountain point, once again, this was a very, very, veryyy long sail. Ellie had disappeared to her room for some nice naps while Preston, Harley, Brabee, Ryan, Dylan, Julia, and Alexis all squeezed onto the blue lagoon for a long hour nap to pass some time. When everyone woke up from their naps, many of us did some bookwork or even ate lunch. After awaiting the longed arrival of mountain point… we anchored, and all the rescue divers began setting up their gear to do some drills and practice in the water. While we were doing our drills, all the guys were cooking an amazing dinner of Beef Stroganoff and a very decorated salad. Once we had cleaned up dinner Ben, Fernando, and Preston set off on their very first night dive; They were actually able to see a shark, a butter hamlet, and some very rare fish! While they were diving, Alexis decided to make brownies and had some serious help from Dylan and Ellie (they were really good, and we just finished the entire tray). Now we are watching our 2nd rescue video, and even the Neptune group decided to join us (we got some pretty dramatic PADI music from the video too). Anyways we are setting up the hammocks and beginning to get ready for bed, so we will see you soon! Bye Bye!