Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was very exciting! It was the first day we practiced rescue techniques in the water. After breakfast, we reviewed our underwater navigation skills and went for a quick dive to practice them. After lunch, we learned rescue skills to save people while on board the boat. Then we jumped in the water again with our scuba gear and practiced how to save a panicked diver at the surface. This was very fun because one member from each group had to play the role of the panicked diver. After an exhausting yet exciting day of learning how to manage emergency scenarios, we finally had some time to relax. During this time a couple of friends and I took a nap in the sail bag. It was very relaxing to take a nap here because it was surprisingly comfortable and the view was stunning. After the nap, we had to cook dinner. While we were cooking, the rice over-flowed from the pan and made a complete mess! It didn’t get frustrated; instead, I thought it was kind of funny, and I realized how much I’ve learned from silly mistakes like this one during Action Quest. I hope I keep learning more while I’m here and continue having such a good time here.