Location: Mystic, CT

Today is JAKES BIRTHDAY so we all made sure to sing him happy birthday at least 50 times and he loved it. Today started off at 7:00 AM as usual and we had crepes cheffed by Tim and Will for breakfast which were very good. After breakfast, we split into different groups and finished our boat appreciation from yesterday. This involved cleaning our bunks, packing, deck washing, polishing, cleaning the library, and other things as well. At 12:00 we had lunch which was pasta with a tomato cream sauce, sweet potato and beet mash, and mushrooms, it was kind of a mix of everything we had left put together but it was delicious. Tim and Will did a great job. After lunch, we finished the last few things that needed to be done to clean the boat. at 3:00 we lifted anchor to motor over to Mystic. We had to leave at three because that’s when the tide was at the highest point and allowed us to actually get in. Coming through mystic was a bit of a tight fit but it was really cool and we got to go through a draw bridge. We seemed to catch the eye of a lot of people coming through and got a lot of waves from people. Once we got to the dock it was about 5;30 and it was time for showers. At 6:00 our dinner arrived from Mystic pizza. after watching the movie we couldn’t help but get food from there. We ordered a LOT of pizza, wings, garlic bread, and 4 different types of pop. It was really great. After dinner we had squeeze and there were 3 questions tonight; what was your appreciation for the day? what was your appreciation for the trip? and what is your funniest Action Quest memory? squeeze went on for a really long time but it was so fun because everyone was sharing great AQ stories that left everyone laughing. Today was a great last day and everyone seems really sad to leave. I know I am. Thanks, Argo!!!