Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

It feels like our wake up calls come later and later everyday. After making sure every last bag of frosted flakes was found, the Boss Ladies were headed for the RMS Rhone. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. Luckily our crew was really well prepared and Lyndsi found the dive especially interesting. We continued our adventure with a walk around Salt Island. The views were incredible. After our lunch of soup we sailed back to GHP (Great Harbour, Peter Island) and a few of us participated in an epic round of knee boarding while others explored the coastline. We had a very special guest join us for our dinner of chicken caesar salad when Mike stopped by. Now as we gear up for our second night dive, we celebrate Charter’s 40th dive, which he reminded me about 10 times today. We have become a big family on this ship with our mom, Marina, and our grandpa/Thor, Sam (who loves orangutans). The newbie, Corey is the perfect fit for our 13th member. We are making memories we will cherish for a lifetime. Skipper Out!