Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke early and headed out of the anchorage. Even though we had a later start than we would have liked, we made good time sailing downwind to Road Town. This was my first time sailing ever, which is a big jump to sailing a fifty-foot monohull. We passed by catamarans, and everyone thought I was going to hit it. Thankfully I did not, even though we did come close. I managed to dock the boat into the slip with the help of Garrett, who is the skipper. After we re-stocked on water and took our COVID tests, we headed back upwind to mountain point. All of us took turns driving the boat until we anchored. I anchored the boat and then took our showers and had delicious beef stroganoff for dinner. Soon after we anchored, a private catamaran came up so close to us to anchor. Sadly for them, they do not know we are one of the loudest boats who stays up the latest as well. Hopefully….they sleep well. Then we did the dishes like normal off the back of the boat to our tunes and did our dive talks and sailing chats. Now we are playing cards, and hopefully, we will head to bed soon.