Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was definitely a great day. It started off with an amazing breakfast of cereal. After cleanup everyone set up their dive gear so we could head off to our first dive spot at the Rhone cannon. At the dive, all of the buddies split up so we could practice our navigation. Me and my dive buddy, August, saw a small stingray which was so cool! After that dive, we all took a dinghy back to Curls. The Carinas then took out Rhodes while the Barracudas went on a second dive at Mountain Point. On that dive, there was much more cool fish and there was a lot of cool coral. After the dive, we went back to Curls and prepared a delicious lunch of chicken salad and veggies. After lunch and cleanup, we went to the beach and played games. After fun beach games some people took out Picos while others went windsurfing. After all the fun activities we came back to Curls to take showers. To top off the great day we had a lot of fun at our first beach BBQ!