Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

In the morning we went into port to fill up on water and to do a little food and drink shopping. Afterward, we left, then put our anchor down and put up our scuba diving flags. The scuba diving buddy group I was in was fun, and we saw a starfish crawl across the sand, then disappear into it. When we finished our scuba diving rotation, if you wanted to, you could go skiing, wakeboarding, or kneeboarding. When I went kneeboarding, it was really exciting until I wiped out. Finally, our last rotation was the man overboard rotation on Tanis Marie. After we did a few rounds of throwing the bucket in the water, all of us got back in the dinghy and went back to our boat. We rested for a little, and the chefs cooked a great dinner of chicken salad, risotto, and corn. The whole boat then did a squeeze, and afterward, I wrote this blog that you’re reading now. We also have to take the scuba diving certification test while two of the boats go on a night scuba dive. Today was a really fun rotation day for me, and I bet a bunch of other shipmates.