Location: Marina Cay

This morning was quite a pleasant one, though some may look back on it as a bit of a silly one as well. Though the majority of us woke in a rather uninteresting fashion, a couple of us needed a few minutes of sleep more than the rest. Ellie and Harley, who slept in a little later than everyone else, were woken by the crew through the employment of the arbitrary phrase “Apples, Oranges, Apples, Oranges!”. Our breakfast this morning consisted of cereals, bagels, milk, fruit, and some other assorted bits and pieces so that individuals might have whatever sounded good to them at the moment. At around 9:15 AM, we began making our way over to Village Cay for a fill-up on water (thankfully, as we had almost run out of it late the night before) and some wandering around on shore to buy many assorted snacks and souvenirs. Arriving back from town at around 12:00, the crew found that the boat’s salon had been taken over by the towels and sheets for a large bunch of boats, which Our Glorious Leader (a.k.a our skipper Matt) then distributed to the fleet. During this time, we were also given access to our phones, and many enjoyed cheerful conversations with friends and family, even creating a group chat for everyone on Sweet Spot. At around 1:00 PM, after a lunch of leftovers and PBandJ, we departed for a place known as The Baths, a beautiful area on the coast of the island Virgin Gorda. The Baths are composed of numerous impressive piles of fascinatingly shaped boulders mixed with sporadic inflows of water from the ocean waves. Unfortunately, our time at The Baths was limited, so we hurried through the meandering paths on our way to the “Jumping Rock,” a quite safe rock about 15 feet high and out over the water. During this period, Preston was able to get over a minor (though certainly rational) fear of jumping from high places, courtesy of Brabee and a little bit of her friendly encouragement. We also were able to get a few great photos of individuals leaping out over the water, and a nice photo of Julia, Brabee, Preston, Harley, and me all jumping together. Upon our return to the boat, there was a combination of lounging around, continued by a photoshoot until dinner time. Ellie, Dylan, and Ben cooked up some delicious tortellini with marinara sauce. To finish off the day, we listened to the recording of an influential speech regarding deeper thinking about love and things in life by Jim Tuman, a powerful motivational speaker. My question for the squeeze today was quite a common question, though the answers were, of course, as interesting as always. “If you had one wish, what would it be?”.