Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today’s adventure started out with some extra sleep, which is always nice. For breakfast, we all had some yummy bagels and yogurt. After everything settled in place when we found out we were going to sail on a monohull for the whole day. Since the boats were being swapped around, some deep cleaning had to go down to prepare our boat Kokomo for the incoming groups. To help out, Griffin and I scrubbed the stern. The best part of our cleaning session was we had many little dance parties in between. Once we arrived at Sea Señora (the monohull we were sailing today) for Margaux to start teaching us sailing, the first one to take over the helm was Miranda, who did an amazing job directing us. But before we could actually get anywhere, we first had Bailey and Johnathan bring up the mainsail. Oh, we also had Anna (another staff member) join us sailing today! James and Jack both helped us with our first task of the day. After a while of practicing sailing, we all had turkey/ham sandwiches for lunch which were packed and set up by Emma. Another main skill we all had to practice was jibbing. Milla and Chloe were both pros at easing/pulling the port/starboard side gib lines. Tristan, Ava, and Chili all said at the end of the day, sailing on the monohull, they finally felt that sailing clicked. We finally arrived back home and began our showering/cooking routine. Out of my many highlights of today, the best/most intriguing one was watching Bailey and Griffin swimming around these huge, clear jellyfish (that were harmless). A little fun fact, the jellyfish we saw looked like the ones from SpongeBob. For dinner, the chefs of the day were Bailey and James, who made some amazing burritos with some frijoles (black beans) and white rice. I thought that today by far, was the best sailing day! 🙂

1 – Margaux teaching how to do a Man – Over – Board
2 – Tristan, Bailey, Milla, Vale, and Jack
3 – Johnathan, Griffin, James, Chloe, Miranda, Chili, Vale, Ava, and Emma
4 – Tristin, Griffin, Vale, and Bailey
5 – Vale at the Helm
6 – Jack on the winch during a tack and Griffin on the Helm
7 – Griffin on the helm
8 – Miranda on the winch during a Jibe
9 – Johnathan on the winch during a tack
10 – Tristin on the helm with Anna
11 – Chili on the helm
12 – Chloe on the helm
13 – Milla on the helm with Margaux
14 – Everyone around our table getting ready for Mexican night
15 – Tonight’s sunset
16 – Miranda hold the eggs for our muffins for tomorrow morning