Location: Sydney's, Jost Van Dyke

Today was a bright and early day for Panasea! Up at 5:45 for our massive 7-mile (ok really 4 miles) hike! The only thing that will get you to the top is a positive determination. We all made it to the top of Mt. Sage. On my way down, my friend Beccy (from Boss Lady) and I were girl scout leaders and first aid administers. We helped some girls that went the wrong way to get back down. Also, a friend cut her leg, and we helped her bandage her up so she could continue and finish the hike. Then, we ate lunch in Cane Garden Bay, which was delish. I got to talk to my family and friends which was comforting. Oh, by the way, Mom, Happy Birthday! After Cane Garden Bay, we sailed over to Sandy Cay to build sandcastles. Panasea decided to build a sand robot. It was quite impressive for a 30-minute robot. Finally, we set sail and went to Sydney’s Peach and Love for a BBQ. We had a great night eating and dancing, but at the end of the day, everyone was beat with hurting feet.