Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After last night’s tiresome but really exciting night dive we awoke at 8 am anchored at GHP. Grand Cru then enjoyed a breakfast of scrambled eggs and highly anticipated lemon poppy seed muffins. We motored further down GHP and both the Neptune’s and Dolphins set up their dive gear. The five awesome Neptunes along with our amazing dive instructor Greg dove the Fearless. The dive was part of our wreck specialty and it was by far the best dive so far. We saw some beautiful fish and the wreck was really cool.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins participated in a research dive where they used quadrants to study the coral reef. At the end of the Neptune’s wreck dive Caroline dropped my weight belt upon entering the dinghy so Greg free dove to retrieve it. After returning to Grand Cru the chefs made grilled cheese for lunch then the Dolphins worked on their research papers while the Neptune discussed their wreck dive while sunbathing. Afterwards, the Dolphins went on an invertebrate snorkel. And the Neptunes went on a fun boat dive with Haley. Our dive was so much fun as the Neptune mermaids, Caroline, Katie, Tillie, Tierney, and myself dove in baseball caps. We enjoyed some time to relax before making Thanksgiving dinner. But terror broke our when Tillie accidentally threw an egg at Matt rather than into the ocean. Dinner was amazing due to the amazing culinary skills of Katie and Tillie, now we are excited to shower as we are getting new towels.