Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we started out with a double rainbow over a fire-lit sky. Breakfast began with eggs, and blueberry muffins, then ended with a quick cleanup leading into an exciting activity rotation day. We began the rotations by learning how to read charts and using tools to assist us in doing so. Today our rotations were dive-focused to help us complete our paid open water certificate. This means that during each rotation, one group would get an extra diving session. In my group, our water skiing session was replaced by a confined water dive. However, as we completed our confined water dives, Johnathan, Griffin, Vale excelled in water sports. The next rotation was a whole boat diving session. During this session, most of the boat was able to complete open water dive three! Chloe and I learned how to do summersaults and handstands on the ocean floor, and Tristan saw a 12-inch hermit crab. After this, the boat enjoyed a nice lunch of broccoli cheddar soup before heading off to our final rotation. This rotation happened to be one of my favorites, zesting! The wind was not very aggressive today, but we were still able to make the best of it and had a ton of fun. The zests hold two people, so we split up into pairs. Jack and James paired together and really enjoyed using the wind to capsize. Chili went zesting for her first time and caught on super easily. It was so cool to see how much everyone has grown since our first zesting session! After we finished our rotations for the day, the group headed back to the boat to shower in preparation for our barbecue. The Barbecue is always a fun time to get slightly dressed up and see the rest of the fleet. Seeing the rest of the fleet let us see friends and family on other boats. This means that Bailey was able to see her sister, and Ava was able to reunite with some of her friends from the ferry. A barbecue on the beach with the sunset was a perfect way to end an amazing day.