Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

We woke up bright and early this morning to a breakfast of eggs and muffins. After cleanup, we headed to the Sand Circles to do a navigation dive and practice our nav skills underwater. We had to navigate in a square using a compass, and while doing that, there was a stingray in the water! We then had lunch and did some snorkeling and saw several jellyfish, and tried to look for missing masks and snorkels. We headed back to Savannah Bay afterward to anchor for the night, and we each got a turn steering and running the dingy boat around the bay. After that, we took our saltwater showers and ate chili for dinner. Before we ate dinner, we noticed that we had a pet Tarpon fish chilling at the back of our boat. We named him Dog because he acted like a dog, begging for food to be “accidentally” dropped in the water.

Pictured: the whole crew; Zoe, Uma, Amélie, Finnley, and Whitney flaking the anchor chain; a jellyfish made of sunscreen; Bud and Teddy cheesing at lunch; Uma feeding Dog some leftovers; Dog the Tarpon; the sunset