Location: Maupiti to Bora Bora

We awoke to a breakfast of Maddy and Karla’s magnificent crepes and prepped ourselves for an amazing dive/snorkel. Going into two groups, we began to descend and soon discovered the Manta Rays. Each ray was between 3 – 4 meters and soared through the water, gracefully gliding over not only the coral head but us as well! Soon after returning to our beloved Pelican, we waved good-bye to the dive instructors who led us on the once in a lifetime dive experience with rays and made our way back to Bora Bora. The motor from Maupiti to Bora was sunny and beautiful which gave us all the perfect opportunity to rest up from our hike on the previous day. As we approached Bora Bora, we caught a glimpse of some dolphins in the lagoon. Then we began to study for the VHF operator’s exam, keep your fingers crossed that we all pass!