Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today was rather quiet but nonetheless fun! We woke up at around 8, giving us a nice and slow start to the day. After Claire, Robbie, and Mackenzie returned from their staff meeting and after we ate our delicious French Toast laden with maple syrup, Nutella, and peanut butter, we set off to Sandy Cay. We then set about doing man-overboard drills that we all played a part in. After our rotations were done of knot tests and drill prep, we then sailed to Sandy Spit. Once we arrived, Ella, Sofia, and Pierce departed to Liberty to do their dives while the rest of us chilled on the boat. We took our saltwater showers then took our Hibiclens showers before a dinner of Franks and fried rice with beans. We are now having a heated discussion about simulations and conspiracy theories, with a few of us getting rather frightened about “the simulation” we live in. Next on tap for the night, after we question our existences, is cookies! And after that, we will have a discussion about the goals we have in life. Many more existential queries await us on our 14th night aboard OTB.

— Alex