Location: On Passage

Another long night of watches and good conversation. Also me just feeling generally sea sick but I am slowly getting used to it. Some of us woke up earlier than others although around noon we all sat down to a lunch of flat bread with an egg and sauce dish to go with it. After cleanup and a bit later on, we had a leadership class where luckily no one had to throw up. Today’s class consisted of Claudia and Shana first presenting chapter 4 of the leadership book, followed by the how to presentations. For the how to presentations we had to pick something that we wanted to describe how to do and present it, aiming for about a minute of talk time. I personally did how to make chicken parmesan. After that we broke into watch teams and continued on from there. MAN OVERBOARD! Anyone who was sleeping or down below rushed on deck to start the man overboard drill. Different watch teams had different tasks, my watch team was tasked with grabbing medical equipment and blankets to bring on deck. Once all that was on deck we spread out to help where ever else needed. After the drill when we were debriefing, Tim told us that for our first time we did an amazing job with the drill. We then again broke back into watch teams to finish up our last bit of watches before dinner. Dinner was an amazing Spatzel cooked by Brahm and Robert. The meal was fried dough with some stake, mushrooms, and broccoli on the side. We were all extremely full after the meal. After that we ended off the day with a squeeze and continued our watches into the night.