Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today, day five, was an interesting day. Everyone was up at 6:45 am and started to prep to sail. Our destination was Village Key, the place where we got our day 4 covid test. For breakfast, we had an assortment of cereals such as Frosted Flakes and Mini-Wheats. After breakfast, we began our trip. I took us off the anchor, and then Miranda helmed the boat after. We managed to sail mostly with no assistance from the motor. While underway, Vale and James cooked us Mac and Cheese, which everyone liked. While sailing, waves were very big today, and unfortunately, some of us got a bit seasick, but it’s ok though, cause we ended up sitting at the bow of the boat with Milla and Vale, who both got hit by a massive wave and were drenched. At that point, they just decided to sit on the net with Jack, James, Bailey, Ava, Chloe, Johnathan, and Miranda. While underway, we all participated in helping tack and helm. Chili helped with almost every tac. After we got to and back from Village key, we anchored at Savanna bay, showered, and eat beef stroganoff for dinner. Tristan and Ava stayed in the water snorkeling the whole free time between showers and dinner. The dinner was by far one of the best dinners yet. Bailey, Chili, Ava, and Johnathan all did the dishes for the night (in the rain!!), and tomorrow night we will have different people doing them. We will end the night by doing a sail talk and setting up hammocks. Overall a fun and exciting day