Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day began with stirrings of a staff dive at four in the morning. Breakfast today was bagels and yogurt that Thomas prepared. Following breakfast, Mike Meaghan arrived on the starboard side of Liberty to collect all of our laundry. Today was a rotation day! We had so much fun on our three-hour rotations that included diving, sailing, watching EFR (emergency first responder) videos, and making Turks Head bracelets. The Dive Masters started their first rotation off with the physics of diving, and we learned about the mathematics and science behind scuba diving. Throughout all of the rotations, my favorite parts were seeing an octopus that the entire AQ fleet had been looking for or beating away the flies that had somehow quite literally taken over our boat. Hayden decided that it was an amazing day to take his towel and swat the flies. Unfortunately, he hit the ceiling so much that an entire panel fell off and had to be super-glued back onto the ceiling. On the Dive Master dive, we were in charge of taking the almost advanced divers down 30 feet, taking them through a swim hole, spotting some cool animals, and find our way back to the mooring ball. While I was on my dive, I spotted a lobster, a pistol shrimp, and a spider crab! Lunch today was Tuscan white bean soup. Shortly after lunch, the advanced divers received their boat diver certifications! So cool! Before dinner, Thomas and I took a tank run with over 25 tanks. Mom, this is the most I have worked out in years. After disassembling all of the tanks and gear, the entire boat finished off the day with “boatsgiving” (AQ’s version of Thanksgiving). We also had Allie over for dinner tonight. She is on the media team for Action Quest this summer, and she is totally radical. My squeeze question tonight was, “If you could describe the person to your right as an animal, what animal would they be and why?”. I am currently watching the amazing sunset over Mountain Point and cannot wait to sail over to The Dog’s tomorrow for another day filled with multiple dives and amazing memories! I can’t believe that it’s almost halfway through the trip!

P.S. hi, mom and dad love you 🙂