Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today started with a 7 A.M. ride to Road Town to get stocked up on fresh fruit and to have the partially vaccinated kids get tested once more. On the way, we had oatmeal for breakfast. We opened both our main and jib sails and sailed to Mountain Point after leaving the dock in Road Town. On the way there, we saw a turtle swimming peacefully by. Once we arrived, we snorkeled our dive site and set up our dive gear. We had beef stroganoff for dinner, and the dishwashers and deckies had to be quick about cleaning up so we could get in the water as the sun went down. The night dive went smoothly, aside from both instructors getting thrown off by the current changing course. We all had a fairly long surface swim back to the boat, but let’s go back underwater. We saw lobster, squids, a lonely little shrimp, octopi, and tarpon circled us, drawn to the light of our torches. Now that we’re back out of the water, everyone did their nightly showers quickly, as the water was chilly and the current strong. Ella surprised us with brownies, and the deckies had to clean the deck once more. As I’m typing this, we are watching the first chapter of Planet Earth 2. Aquamarine signing off.