Location: The Bight, Norman

Hoy he pasado una de lus mejores noches de mi vida, he dormido tan bien que al despertarme me a estauanado estar en el barco, ponsaba que estaba durmiendo en mi cama. Que bien se duerme en el barco! Esta menana Marina no ha dedo le opcion de divinos, catch turtles, or water skiing, but like nice divers, we chose to dive. So after a nice fun dive we sailed to port where Connor, Jason, Megan, Christian P, Julia, and me had lunch at a Chinese restaurant where we had a big yummy lunch. After we took a small walk to the supermarket to find a ice cream store where we ate a huge ice cream. I really do not know how the boat did not sink! After we left port we started a race. We finished the race in the pace where we are going to spend the night. The staff had to go to a staff meeting and we had a party on the boat, it wasn’t too big but we had fun. After dinner Marina said that tomorrow we had to clean the boat and I almost died. It isn’t going to be hard but we have to do it…Today I had a lot of fun but also I was sad, the camp is ending and I really don’t want this to end. I would like that this camp go on for a year. I love these people and I love diving with them.