Location: Cairns

Day 13- Bat House back to Civilization

The day started with me waking everyone up to begin our final morning in the Daintree Rainforest. We split up into groups to complete our community service project. Jimmy was the carpenter for the day while Palmer, Steve, Max, Mauricio, and myself helped clean out Hugh’s garage full of nick-nacks. After a short morning of community service, we decided to go on one final hike to take in the beauty of the Daintree Rainforest. After that, we departed the Bat House and headed back to Cairns on a very long bus ride. We finally checked back into civilization where the girls and guys finally got real showers. We then headed into town to the Night Markets for dinner and some shopping. On the way home, we played “what are the odds,” and some ended up walking home blind like Steve with Jin leading, Jade, myself, Caleigh, and Jimmy. After we got home, everyone went to bed because it was super late. Overall it was a good day.

Day 14 Educational Exploration

Today we woke up bright and early to an American classic of toast and cereal. After a quick bus ride, we arrived at Tjupakai, the aboriginal culture center. Through several shows and demonstrations, we gained a better understanding of Australia’s history and the culture of the Aboriginal people. The men taught us how to hunt with a boomerang, throw a spear and play the didgeridoo; while the women shared their knowledge of the land by speaking of the berries and nuts used for medicines and food. Before leaving the center, we watched a very interesting dance show put on by the aboriginals, and Steve even lost a bet and had to join them front and center. A trip to the grocery store was next on the to-do list where the girls and boys split to shop for the master chef competition. The rest of the afternoon was spent chopping, boiling, sauteing, prepping, and finalizing our dish of choice. Bri led the girls, and Max led the guys.

The boys chose an original dish of coconut curry chicken, which somehow ended up spiced with peanut butter, salt, and pepper. The girls, on the other hand, perfected teriyaki chicken stir fry, which of course, took the gold medal. With food babie, we left Ayashe behind and headed to our next event, Reef Teach, an information session on the Great Barrier Reef to prepare our eyes for the diving yet to come. After roughly three miles of walking and another half hour searching, we finally reached our destination. With interest in marine biology, I genuinely enjoyed the presentation of the reefs and creatures. With the Great Barrier Reef containing 1,500 different species of marine life, we obviously were only able to focus on a few coral formations and other animal species. We were taught where to look and what to look for on our live-aboard trip coming up in just a few days. After losing a game of what are the odds, we trudged the 3 miles back to the motel while playing endless games of what are the odds to keep us occupied. At the motel, we met up with Jin and Ayashe, where we were told the good news that she would, in fact, be joining us for scuba diving. We decided to check-in for the night and ended our day on a good note. All excited for a full day in Cairns tomorrow.

Day 15

Today, everyone woke up in by 0800. The girls cooked French toast for everyone while the boys cooked French toast for everyone and steak and eggs for themselves, as well as a few strips of bacon to share. After breakfast was devoured, we set off down the road to catch a bus to the pier in Cairns.

Once we arrived, everyone saw a Zorbing field and immediately set off toward it. Essentially it is a game where everyone gets inside extremely oversized beach balls and attempts to play soccer. The result was 14 people charging at each other, trying to knock each other over and send each other flying/rolling as far as possible. Hilarity ensues, everyone struggled to stand up after being knocked down, and once they got up, they were knocked down again.

Seeing as we were inside giant plastic bubble balls, the heat from the sun was magnified immensely. After ten minutes, most of us shed our protective bubbles and rested while others tackled the people still lounging about in their bubbles. After our short break, we all completely abandoned the idea of attempting to play soccer within our plastic prisons. We lined up, boys against girls (and Steve) and charged. From then on, we tried to knock everyone down as many times as possible as violently as possible. Once our time on the field expired, we walked down the boardwalk.

We came across multiple work-out stations, and while the boys tried to show off their athletic abilities, we girls sat and watched. We continued to walk down the pier and found a playground to sit at to eat lunch. Our lunch consisted of wraps and chips. Most of the wraps had become soggy, but they weren’t too horrible. After lunch and some horseplay at the playground, we walked farther down the boardwalk. We came across a beach volleyball court, but seeing as we did not have a ball, we could not play. So we sat there for a while until we decided to move over to the rock climbing area where we sat for a while longer. After that, we walked to a pool area where a few people swam, and the rest of us sat in the grass, ate ice cream, and chatted. Once everyone finished lounging about, we took the bus back to the motel. On the way, we picked up some pizza and brought it back to the motel. We ate pizza and had our nightly squeeze the boys and girls went our separate ways. Us girls made a brookie, which is a combination of cookie and brownie. Probably one of the most delicious combinations known to mankind. We then had a girl’s movies night and enjoyed a 90’s chick-flick. After the movie, we all went to bed excited to dive the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow.