Location: Stockholm Archipelago


Today started off with breakfast of cereal as we packed our lunches for our first day of diving. At 8:15, we headed for the car to meet up with our fifth crew member, Tiago! He arrived this morning all the way from Mexico. We all jumped in the car (minus Capt. Jonathan) and headed for Stockholm archipelago. Everyone got an overview of the dive, as it was most of our first times in dry suits! Our first dive was incredible. Everyone did a fantastic job taking part despite the cold waters! It was interesting learning about all of the differences in how to use the new, unfamiliar equipment. Did you know that you have another inflator hose coming from your first stage on your regulator that runs under your left arm and connects to the front of your drysuit? This helps you control buoyancy using only your dry suit instead of your BCD. To release the air in your suit, simply raise your left arm and left arm only. After this dive we had our excellent home-prepared lunch, which was a delicious ham and swiss sandwich. The second dive came around fast and hopped back in the water right away. This time was a deeper dive that came out to be around 65 ft. Although it felt a lot deeper than that due to the darkness, this was a very different experience for all of us because it gave a new dimension to add to our diving portfolios. It’s very amazing being one of the first three students from ActionQuest getting this type of opportunity. After finishing our underwater adventure, we stowed our dive gear to get ready for tomorrow and trekked back to Captain Jon preparing gourmet Italian tortellini after calibrating the toilet. We thank Fantasea dive shop for introducing us to a whole new way of exploring underwater. Anders and Judith were awesome instructors and made our first day in Sweden a memorable one.