Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

After a long and restful night, we had a filling meal of oatmeal. This was followed by a quick and thorough cleanup. Anna then informed us the day was a rotation day. We started the first rotation off by learning how to tie bracelets. Then we scuba dived. We enjoyed our time underwater, then we went and rode a dinghy back to Elowyn Sage. The crew enjoyed a hearty tortilla soup. We then cleaned up and dinghied up to another boat to go waterskiing. A handful of wipe-outs and an hour later, Nick took us inside the boat and taught us about its inner workings. We then went back to Elowyn Sage and secured the boat to get underway. We moved some distance, and some of us relaxed in the sunshine. We then anchored and are now going to a BBQ onshore.