Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Waking up today, the sun was peaking over the clouds, creating a golden halo, which reflected on the vivid blue-green ocean. A great start to another action-packed rotation day! To start off the day we woke up at 6:57 am. After a delicious breakfast of bagels and yogurt, we changed into our swimsuits and began with Zesting and watersports. After two hours we dinghied over to Wind Shadow on our dinghy, Phoenix, who rises from the splashes. On Wind Shadow, Hannah taught us about coral reefs and conservation, which was really interesting to learn about. After we finished learning about coral reef conservation, we dinghied back to Lascaris and had a healthy and yummy lunch of bean and noodle soup. Following lunch, we went on another boat for scuba diving/snorkeling. After getting soaked from sheets of rain, we made it on the boat and geared up and jumped in under the now sunny sky. The dive today was amazing! I saw huge schools of fish- some like thousands of blue sparkles in the beautiful water, some slim silverfish, and many others completely surrounding us as we swam. We also saw four very cute cuttlefish, giant sea urchins, tiny fish, and many other fish. After our dive we went back to the boat and played with each other, jumping back into the water, until we were dinghied back to Lascaris, where we prepared a Thanksgiving meal in summer, consisting of chicken, gravy, and mashed potatoes, cranberry jelly, and a green bean casserole. After showering, as the sunset, we cleaned up and had a sail chat before going to bed.