Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today our day was full of clear, blue water with Laurasia and her sails gliding through the wind. Linda spent her day diving while Tucker and Mitch helped us Laurasians sail from Marina Cay to Muskmelon Bay. Each one of us got to steer Laurasia and make decisions about what we are going to do next to the sails. We had lunch on Beef Island, where everyone got the amazing famous sandwich from one of the local restaurants. After lunch we sailed some more, heading towards Muskmelon. We practiced tacking and man overboard drills. We were all goofing around when we had some downtime and made unforgettable memories. When we got to Muskmelon Bay, everyone got to shower. We also got our clean laundry back! We ended the night with a delicious and hearty Thanksgiving dinner.