Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

I guess I fared out as a decent skipper today, considering my lack of experience as a sailor. However, that only made my day more eventful. A good breakfast of cereal and PB+J was a good start to the day. Waking up and seeing the small Sandy Spit island only reminded me of the beautiful beaches back home in Venezuela. Trying not to veer off course, conversationally and sail-wise, is something I have to work on. After breakfast, we all parted for West End with me at the helm under exam conditions. However, when it came to the leading of the ship, I think I fared well (no mishaps). After practical time finished, we all calmly headed to our starting point, West End. I realized that the places are gorgeous as I had only arrived at night that first day. After shore time it was race time. All skippers were called in for a race briefing. Turns out we had the most leeward spot in the race, which was an initial disadvantage. However, one of our staff, George, gave us a good strategy which was veering away from all of the other ships, as we were technically in last place. After great tacks (using awesome teamwork and cooperation, along with me struggling at the helm with the wind and heel) we managed to finish in second place! It was great seeing everyone work whilst zooming across with good music and strong winds. Well, the day finishes here at Great Harbor enjoying our sailing victory. date: Aug 11, 2017