Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today seemed to be the start of our adventures! Today was our first rotation day, which meant we had a day full of activities. We started our day with a simple breakfast of cereal. After cleanup, we hopped in our dinghy and went over to the beach in Savannah Bay in Virgin Gorda. All of the Laurasians started the day windsurfing. It took many tries for everybody to get up on the board, but most everybody ended with a splash! Next, we went on to waterskiing/wakeboarding. When I went with my group, I tried to get up on my knees, but I hit a big wave and flew off. I wish I did what the others did and lay down and enjoy the ride. After a lunch of tuna sandwiches, we got to learn how to drive the dinghies. After a bit of practice, everybody was able to dock the boat against Laurasia. Finally, we got to do our long anticipated dive (other than the Questers who got to snorkel). We learned many different basic diving skills, which will aid us in future dives. After we had dinner, we were informed that we were having our first Lifeworks chat. We will be going there soon. Our day has been cool and lets us experience ActionQuest as it is. Anyways, it was an awesome day, and I think I’m speaking for all.