Location: Gambleby

Lessons learned from Sweden

  1. The sun is very bright
  2. Sun reflecting off the blonde hair of a Swede – brighter
  3. I think they pipe in happiness with the water. Seriously, there are just happy glowing people┬áhere. I think they are all on something, but I don’t know where to get some.
  4. Ice cream is a food group
  5. One can have a boatyard, with a 90ft boat, in their backyard. See below.

Today we had an excursion to Gamleby, which is about a 15min train ride from Vstervik. We arrived at the station a bit early, so Tiago and I went for a walk in search of coffee, and uh, ice cream after a speed walking race up a hill.
When we arrived at the tiny little town of Gamleby, we were met with Kirsten, who then took us to the boatyard, which is on the outskirts of this small harbor town.

Egil Bergstrom, the patriarch of this little hamlet of wood boat lore. Him, his wife and four sons have been in charge of Vega and Lynnia, which are two wood ships that were built in 1907 and 1915 respectively. He gave us the full tour of his backyard, where he works on the ships during the winter. He has a full sawmill, workshop, and foundry. During the winter, they work on the boats and basically select some projects they think can achieve over the winter and then put the boat back in the water in the summer for work. It is very physical and technical work, the repair and restoration of these old vessels. It takes passion, skill, time, and money to maintain these vessels.

After three hours of pouring over the boat, it was time to head back to Andromeda. We had a quick lunch, and Sarah had a lecture while I was at the grocery store for a provisioning run.

We pushed off the dock about 545 and headed out so we could enjoy an evening on the anchor. Sarah prepared a great Chicken casserole, and we sat around the table telling stories about the day.

In a burst of excitement, Tulip announced it was time for a swim. Brave one she is. It is cold water. Undeterred, she jumped in, not only once, but TWICE. Not to be outdone, Sunflower was goaded into the jump as well.

And now, the sun has been down for an hour, yet the glow continues. Reminding us that while a day has ended, it looks like another one is about to begin.

Johnathan S. Ishmael