Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

We started off our day with a 6.6-mile hike through the mountainous range of Tortola. We struggled through as we fought our way to the peak, and we enjoyed many wonderful sights along the way. Many of us experienced a moment of both great joy and fulfillment once we reached the peak and once we reached the finish line at the base of the hills. Afterward, each of us was left ravenous and hungry for a huge meal. We came to a restaurant called Paradise, and as is such, we ate our cheeseburgers and foods of the like “in paradise.” We crashed down on the boat after eating our filling lunches and set off to a sandy beach for a sandcastle competition. Through this process of building, destruction, reconstruction, and innovation, we managed to build the beginning of a loaf of bread, a boat, a turtle, and a slice of bread. Still, we ended up deciding upon constructing a birthday cake for our very own Peanut (Rodrigo) to wish him both a happy birthday and to build something after many somewhat failed attempts to build a wide range of things out of the sand. Some of us ended up participating in the burial of Parker in a large mound of sand with interesting decorative features. After that well-fought battle, we came back to the boat for a short period to relax and look back on the many foods and the like we obtained at the shops from earlier on Tortola. Finally, to finish off the day, we collectively, as all of the sail side came together to enjoy another night at a BBQ. Most of us ready to collapse, we fell asleep, ready for our next day full of fun activities and sore legs.