Location: 38 32.64N 027 59.06W

Today was our last day at the beautiful port of Horta, Azores. We all woke up expecting to be leaving bright and early in the morning after a nice batch of pancakes, even one mickey mouse pancake! But after cleanup things got interesting, we had to refuel, get cleared through customs, do a very thorough pre-cruise inspection, and enjoy our final day of shore heads. We did run into some complications of payment for the fuel, so we ended up being docked for a bit longer than expected. During lunch is when thing became a bundle of mixed emotions for everyone. To start we changed our watch groups, so some people were happy, and some were not, but it will be interesting none the less. We did have a very upsetting announcement go through today. Unfortunately Chance had to leave the boat for his reasons today. He’ll be dearly missed. Right now we’re watching the last sliver of land pass into the horizon as we finish the crossing itself and are preparing ourselves for the last little bit in this part of the trip. By the end of the night, we’ll all be back into our watch group schedules of eating, sleeping, and sailing.