Location: Stockholm


Today was a very good day. We woke up at seven and went directly to see Dr. Fred Hocker in the Vasa museum. Once inside, Dr. Hocker showed us our future project: recording nearly four-hundred-year-old pieces of wood that make up the casing around the bilge pump. At first, it seemed a bit tedious, but actually, its impressive the amount of knowledge you can get from a piece of wood. For example, you can know what type of wood it is, from where in the tree it was cut, what it was used for, and more. After a while, Dr. Hocker came and taught us the correct way to do the job, As it turns out, we spent an hour doing it wrong. We cut the time it took to record a timber in half. Now you won’t forget it, Dr. Hocker said! Even though he was right, we sincerely wished he had told the right way earlier; it made so much sense! Anyway, after finishing the paperwork for a nearly four-hundred-year-old plank, we had a brief coffee break (a mandatory part of the workday in Sweden), and we headed back to the boat and played with the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for a while. It is odd having a thing that looks like a toy, handles like a toy, sounds like a toy, is named like a toy, but is not a toy. After that, we went to sleep and ended the day. It was a good day.