Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we started the day as lazy people who ate french toast. After breakfast, we did the ordinary, just chilling around doing nothing, and after a couple of hours and a game of Uno, we did the boom swing. We did backflips, and belly flops, then took a break from the boom swing and did the Sailing written exam. Then we had ramen for lunch which was extremely overrated and not that good. We did the boom swing competition against Odin 2, and it was fun, but we definitely lost cause’ they were 18 years old. The boom swing later got canceled because Caroline jumped on top of Lucas, and they banned the boom swing. Later we chilled some more and then went water skiing and wakeboarding. We then showered and did the Coral Reef Exam. I ate cheddar broccoli pasta which was fire, and ended the day by reviewing the coral reef exam and doing the squeeze, and also doing the cards thingy.