Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was our last rotation day. We all woke up at 7:30, had scrambled eggs and pineapple for breakfast, and then rotations started at 8. Our first rotation was sailing on Zests from our own boat. Knox, Will, Garrett, and Tommy went sailing and capsized a few times, which was fun. During this, we also baked muffins. Afterward, we went onto Wind Shadow to learn to tie Turk’s Head anklets and bracelets, which some people found difficult. Shortly afterward, we had lunch, which was soup and crackers. We then went to Breeze and alternated between learning about the ship’s systems and waterskiing. Finally, we had scuba diving, which was great fun and we all got certified as PADI open water divers. Tonight we have a BBQ on the beach and Hibiclens showers to look forward to. Today was great fun and we all had a great time. And now we’re also certified divers.