Location: Ile Fourchue

We woke up on a mooring in St. Barth’s. For breakfast, we had cereal and oatmeal. After cleaning up breakfast we sailed off the mooring and did some sailing practical’s. For the practical’s, we went through sailing circles, heaving to and man overboard drills. We continued to sail for a little over 3 hours. After everyone went through their practical’s, we sailed over to Ile Fourchue to eat lunch. After eating and preparing for our last passage, we sailed back towards the BVI. During the night, there were a few squalls that hit us and the wind was blowing about 50 knots. We were downwind sailing the entire time, so we put a preventer on the main. After the first squall, there was a beautiful sunset that made the whole sky purple. Rocco and I were taking pictures, but they didn’t come out well because we couldn’t figure out how to turn the flash off. While we were looking at the sunset, we realized that there were dolphins off our bow riding our wake. We clipped on and went up to the bow to check them out. The dolphins stayed with us for like 10 minutes. After looking at the dolphins we had sandwiches and my watch was done so I went to bed. The next morning, we made it back to the BVI safely.