Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was full of reflections on the experiences of the past 19 days as well as creating as many new ones as possible as the trip draws to a close. We started with delicious pancakes which were followed by a dive of the Fearless, a shipwreck in GHP. All 13 shipmates were present on the dive which was self-navigated. It was exciting to see us all working together to navigate the dive site. It felt like we’d become a cohesive unit. Next, we gathered back on the boat for an activity with AQ director Mike Meighan in which we chose black and white photos from a pile that we felt reflected one good thing about our personality, one thing we’d like to change about ourselves, and one lesson we’ve learned from this experience. The tears began to flow for some of us as we realized how close the trip is to the end. Afterward, we sailed to Road Town for lunch, and it was time to call home. In the afternoon, we had a long, relaxing sail. The late afternoon was filled with card games, talks about our favorite memories from the trip, and lots of laughter. We wrapped up the day with a yummy dinner and the ceremonial writing of the cards. The cards, a staple of AQ, give us the chance to tell each other all of the things we love and appreciate about one another. Overall, even though the day was bittersweet, it showed our boat had grown incredibly close.