Location: West End, Tortola

As today comes to a close, all of our emotions are all over the place. We’re happy to see our families yet said we have to leave this beautiful place and amazing people. Today started off with me going to a meeting with Claire and Kate. I got to pick the lineup for the sailing race today. We picked sixth. Not terrible but we did finish in fifth place. After the race, we had to start the big boat clean up. We started by taking out all of the food and trying to eat as much as possible. After eating tons of food, we started by cleaning the cabinets and dishes, then rooms and heads. We also ended up cleaning for hours. We somehow managed to keep it fun, though. Listening to music and laughing. As the day winds down, our sadness starts, and reality begins to hit us. We were leaving the most wonderful people. I will say I came here with my best friend and we shared a room and all of these memories. I am so happy we were in this together. This was such an amazing experience, but I am ready to go home and see my incredible family. See you guys soon; I love you.