Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we dove the RMS Rhone messenger ship located just west of GHP on Salt Island. This was by far the coolest dive we have done so far. This old British messenger ship was sunk in 1867 after it tried desperately to escape a hurricane but was unsuccessful and went down with 180 passengers and crew. This wreck is home to many cool aquatic animals, including a Reef shark, Goliath grouper, lobster, sea turtles, Needlefish, Trunkfish, barracudas, and Lionfish (which we all saw today). After our dive, we went for a short hike on the salt island, where we had a great view of the surrounding islands. Also, today all the Vega’s became IYT certified by finishing our exam, and last night all the Divemasters trainees finished their course and became official Divemasters. Upon our return to GHP, we went over to visit our friends on Odin II, where we rope swung from the boom. Tonight we are having breakfast for dinner, which we are all very excited about. After dinner, we are preparing to ride out the developing storm by watching a movie.