Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was a great day. We started out our day with a 6 am wakeup so that we could go to our last dive spot of the trip. We dove a shipwreck which was really cool. We saw a lot of colorful fish, coral, and A SHARK!!! After our dive, we embarked on a short but majestic hike up a rocky hill. The top had amazing views of the ocean. The waves crashing upon the rocky surfaces were inspiring. We saw some cute mountain goats and took some beautiful pictures. After the hike, we had special ramen noodle soup made by our Japanese speaking skipper Gabe. Next, it was time to take our final sailing exam. We ALL PASSED! Our test average was 88%. Now all of us are certified IYT sailors. Finally, it was time for us to head to our anchor spot for the night. Our staff was at a meeting and we all had fun bonding while playing music, dancing together, and setting up as many hammocks as possible. Today was a really fun day.